What Do Girls First Notice?

When it comes to first impressions, appearance plays a significant role. Girls are known to be very observant, and they can easily notice the smallest details. Whether it’s the way a person dresses, their body language, or their overall grooming, girls are quick to form an opinion. But what do girls first notice when they meet someone?

According to a survey conducted by HowStuffWorks, girls first notice a guy’s smile, eyes, and sense of humor. A genuine smile can make a person appear more approachable and friendly. Eye contact is also essential as it shows that a person is confident and interested in what the other person is saying. A good sense of humor is also a plus as it can lighten the mood and make a person more likable.

However, it’s not just appearance that girls notice. The way a person behaves and carries themselves can also leave a lasting impression. Confidence, kindness, and respect are all traits that girls find attractive. A person who is confident in themselves and their abilities is more likely to be successful in both their personal and professional life. Being kind and respectful towards others shows that a person is considerate and empathetic, which are essential qualities in any relationship.

Physical Appearance

During adolescence, girls start to become more aware of their physical appearance. They may notice changes in their body shape, skin, and hair. Here are some common physical appearance changes that girls may first notice:


Girls may start to pay more attention to their clothing choices. They may want to wear more fashionable clothes or clothes that fit their body shape. They may also start to experiment with different styles and colors.

What Do Girls First Notice?

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Girls may notice changes in their hair texture and growth. Some girls may experience oily hair or dandruff due to increased oil production on the scalp. They may also notice more hair growth in new places, such as under their arms and pubic area. Girls may start to experiment with different hairstyles and hair accessories.


Girls may become interested in wearing makeup. They may start with simple makeup, such as lip gloss or mascara, and gradually experiment with more complex makeup looks. Girls may also start to pay more attention to skincare, such as using moisturizers and cleansers to maintain healthy skin.

Behavior and Personality

Girls tend to notice a guy’s behavior and personality as soon as they meet him. A confident and positive attitude can make a great first impression. Here are some sub-sections that can help you understand what girls first notice about a guy’s behavior and personality:


Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that girls look for in a guy. Girls notice a guy’s confidence from the way he walks, talks, and interacts with others. A confident guy is someone who is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel the need to show off or brag about his achievements. Confidence can be displayed in many ways, such as maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly and assertively, and having good posture.


Girls also notice a guy’s mannerisms, which can reveal a lot about his personality. Mannerisms are the subtle behaviors that people display when they interact with others. For example, a guy who is polite and respectful towards others is likely to make a good impression on girls. On the other hand, a guy who is rude or dismissive towards others is likely to turn girls off. Mannerisms can also include things like body language, such as the way a guy stands or the gestures he uses when he talks.

What Do Girls First Notice?


Attitude is another important factor that girls notice about a guy’s behavior and personality. Girls tend to prefer guys who have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. A guy who is always complaining or negative can be a turn-off for girls. On the other hand, a guy who is optimistic and has a good sense of humor can be very attractive to girls. A positive attitude can also help a guy to handle difficult situations with grace and resilience.

Interpersonal Skills

Girls often notice more than just physical appearance when meeting someone new. Interpersonal skills play a crucial role in making a good first impression. Here are some key interpersonal skills that girls tend to notice:

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are crucial in any social interaction. This includes being able to express oneself clearly and actively listening to others. When meeting someone new, girls tend to notice how well the person communicates. This includes not only what is said, but also how it is said. A person who speaks confidently and articulately is likely to make a positive first impression.

It’s important to note that communication is a two-way street. Girls also appreciate someone who actively listens and responds appropriately to what they are saying. This means being engaged in the conversation and showing genuine interest in what the other person has to say.

Body Language

Body language can often convey more than words alone. Girls tend to notice how someone carries themselves and their body language when meeting someone new. This includes posture, facial expressions, and gestures. A person who stands tall with good posture and maintains eye contact is likely to come across as confident and self-assured.

On the other hand, someone who slouches or avoids eye contact may come across as insecure or disinterested. It’s important to be aware of one’s body language and make a conscious effort to project confidence and positivity.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful tool in communication. It conveys interest, attention, and sincerity. Girls tend to notice how someone maintains eye contact when meeting them for the first time. A person who maintains eye contact while speaking and listening is likely to come across as confident and trustworthy.

However, it’s important to strike a balance. Staring too intensely or for too long can be uncomfortable and off-putting. It’s important to maintain natural and appropriate eye contact during social interactions.


When it comes to what girls first notice, there are a lot of factors at play. It can be anything from a man’s grooming and style to his confidence and body language. However, it’s important to remember that every woman is unique and what one woman notices first may not be the same for another.

Overall, it’s best to focus on presenting oneself in the best possible light, both physically and mentally. This includes taking care of personal grooming, dressing well, and maintaining good posture and eye contact. Additionally, it’s important to be friendly, respectful, and genuine in interactions with women.

While first impressions are important, they are not everything. It’s important to remember that attraction and connection can grow over time, and that true compatibility goes beyond surface-level observations. By being confident, respectful, and true to oneself, men can increase their chances of making a positive impression on women and potentially forming meaningful connections.

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